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Extract DNA with Dr. Sarah Habibi, PhD

January 17, 2021

Learn how to extract Strawberry DNA with Dr. Sarah Habibi, PhD

Learn from Flipptap Changemaker Dr. Sarah Habibi, PhD as she shows you how to extract DNA from strawberries in 60 seconds using everyday items.

Equipment and Ingredients:

- Fresh strawberries

- Salt

- Dish soap

- Plastic bag

- Cheesecloth

- Ice-cold

- Ethanol


1) Add 1 Tbsp Soap, 1 Tsp Salt and 1/3 cup of water and mix that all up. Place it aside.

2) Take your strawberries and cut off the green stems from them. After that, take your strawberries and add them to a plastic bag where you're going to squish them up to a pulp.

3) Add soap and salt mixture to crushed strawberries, and squish that all together. Set aside for 5 minutes.

4) Filter mixture using cheesecloth or coffee filter. Place your cheesecloth on a glass and pour in your mixture. Let it sweep through, and don't forget to squeeze out the rest.

5) Grab your reaction vessel and slowly pour in your strawberry mixture.

6) Finally, add your ice cold ethanol to the top of the strawberry mixture.

You're going to see 2 layers will form. In the top layer is the DNA of strawberries. It will look like strands of bubbles in the top ethanol layer.

That's it!

What did you think? We hope you enjoyed it!
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