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How I Designed My first Research Study

January 17, 2021
Research Study

Learn How Sarah Designed Her First Research Study

Curious to know how to run your own research study as a Principle Investigator?

In the last semester I conducted my own research study related to science education and was Principal Investigator for my own research study for the first time.

This idea came to me when I started to deal with various programs and courses at universities, and I noticed that none of them offered a course or program for science communication, and I think that as science students it is really important not only to learn scientific knowledge, but also to communicate it effectively so i took that and turned it into my research question.

I wanted to assess undergraduate science students confidence in communicating science theory after the introduction of a really creative science communication assignment and a lecture.

Since I used human study participants, I had to obtain the approval from the research ethics board, which I did, and I am happy to say that I conducted the study from start to finish and have just collected all my data and am currently in the analysis phase, so I really hope to be able to analyze and publish it in the next few months. 

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