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How Some Job Seekers Benefited from Tiktok During the Pandemic

January 26, 2021
Career Influencers

How some job seekers benefited from Tiktok during the pandemic

No one expected 2020 to end like the way it did and 2021 to begin with uncertainties. Covid-19 created difficult conditions in the job market worldwide, but it hit students and young professionals particularly hard.

But something interesting began to happen: we saw the rise of career influencers - real students and professionals turning to social media to use their accounts to offer career advice, mentorship, how-tos and new skills in their industry.

Students and young professionals lack the resources they once had to seek professional advice. Career influencers from a variety of backgrounds had set themselves the goal of providing free access to everything from resume reviews to e-mail tips for recruiters. Some job seekers even went a step further to create "video resumes" from their Tiktoks.

Let's delve into what the Future of Work and how Career Influencers are taking control of their careers with video.

But let's start with a *PRO TIP:

PRO-TIP: Looking for your next job? Make sure your social media profiles, remain professional.

What job seekers do not know is that most employers check their social media profiles.
According to a 2018 CareerBuilder survey, 70% of employers use social media to check candidates during the recruitment process, and about 43% of employers use social media to check current employees.
It is perfectly legal for employers to check public social media platforms, but anything beyond public accounts is a gray area.
You're probably wondering why employers spend countless weeks recruiting for a position when they have already interviewed top talent?
The reason is culture-fit: Employers view your social media as a way to get to know your personality, communication skills, and see if you would fit into the team culture. Social media helps employers gain insight into those transferable skills, personality, and motivation that a resume simply cannot provide.


Let's get back to it. So what prompted students and professionals to get started on social media as career influencers?

Pandemic Bordem results in Career Innovation

When we noticed that career influencers were booming on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram after the pandemic, we knew we had to call them to ask them what motivated them to get started. Interestingly enough, when we LinkedIn messaged students, we didn't get a response. It wasn't until we started using Tiktok as our communication channel that we got responses from student career influencers.

We found that most students are not on Linkedin because it was:

a) too formal

b) Intimidating

c) Most students did not find Linkedin beneficial, as it requires a person to create a resume profile for networking, and let's face it, most students haven't acquired professional work experience in their career stage.

As a result, some students in all varying industries from technology to science to marketing, turned to their favorite social media channels to meet like-minded people in their niche and exchange career advice, tips, and motivation.

Image of Maxine Yang, Flipptap Changemaker
Take Maxine Yang, a first-year medical student at the University of Phoenix and also a Flipptap Changemaker, wanted to make a difference in the community around her. Maxine wanted to provide her viewers and supporters with educational and motivational content around the premed path and medical school! She had the blessing of having many people to turn to for advice during her premed journey, and she wanted to give something back by setting up a TikTok account that provides helpful and supportive content to young people.


How Maxine is taking control of her career with video and showing proof of her skills to employers?

When the world went into a quarantine in 2020, Maxine took control of her career and inspired other students to pursue careers in STEM by sharing her journey, successes & failures and career tips in short videos.
She gives tips and tricks how she got into medical school despite a low GPA. Fearless and resilient is how we would define Maxine!
Maxine is committed to giving back to the STEM community and is a role model for young women pursuing careers in STEM subjects.

Social media may not be the first place someone might turn to for job advice; it is more often a forum for holiday photos or memes. But Changemakers like Maxine are proving to the masses that there is a new way to show proof of skills, personality, and career wisdom - fun, fast, and free.

What about the TECH Industry?

Let's move over to the TECH industry and meet another Flipptap Changemaker, Mallory Dean - a UX Specialist, Strategist, and Educator of all things UX and Brand Design. After graduating with degrees in Graphic and UX Design, she made it her mission to use social media to empower others to pursue their creativity and make the design community more inclusive and accessible overall.

Image of Mallory Dean, Flipptap Changemaker
For Mallory, Tiktok was just another fun social- media app, but to her surprise she found other designers on the network, and knew she wanted to get involved with the design community. She started making UX/UI videos because she wanted to help other designers and connect with them about UX/UI topics. As a trained visual designer, she has spent years researching strategies and figuring out how to add depth to her design work.

How Mallory is taking control of her career with video and showing proof of her skills to startups?

Mallory's mission is to use social media to empower others to pursue their creativity and make the design community more inclusive and accessible.
Employers can easily see that Mallory is an expert and reference for young women in STEM who want to pursue a career in UX / UI.
Mallory has useful advice for everyone in the design community and is driven by the goal of connecting with like-minded people who always strive to improve their skills.
She shares career advice, her UX / UI journey, her favorite tools she uses, success and failure stories, design tutorials and general tips to help and inspire people to pursue their career goals, which easily makes her a great addition and appreciation for employers.

What about the Sciences. After speaking to several career influencers, we realized that there was one group of job seekers that constantly felt left out. Our Science Changemakers. Let's get to see how academics are taking control of their careers.

Science Career Influencers

Meet Dr. Sarah Habibi, PhD, Research Associate and Guest Lecturer at the Ontario Tech University working in the field of Molecular Biology and Science Education. She recently graduated from her PhD in Applied Bioscience, with a specific focus in parasitology.

Image of Sarah Habibi, Flipptap Changemaker
Originally, Sarah started her TikTok account 1.5 years ago to document her career journey - to show people what it's like to earn a PhD and look behind the scenes at what's going on in the lab. From there, she received comments on her videos from all sorts of people thanking her for sharing a science learning tutorial or general career tips for anyone considering a post-doc degree.

How Sarah is taking control of her career with video and showing proof of her skills to University Professors & Faculty?

Employers can easily see proof that Sarah is someone who is taking creative and conscious action to solve a problem in our career lives.
As an educator, leader and reference point for young women aspiring to a career in science, Dr. Sarah Habibi has real empathy for others and is driven by the real goal of making our work-lives a better place.
She shares career advice, her PhD journey, her failure and success stories, scientific tutorials and general tips to help and inspire people to pursue their career goals.
She has built a community on tiktok for science lovers, where she has established herself as a domain expert and is engaging with students in a new way, which is not traditional for academics.
As a woman in STEAM, she is breaking boundaries in our world and helping to close the gender gap.


When the job market collapsed last year, competition for jobs skyrocketed. Born out of frustration, students and professionals began making resumes out of their tiktoks. And as you can see - It worked!

Think about it...Imagine a recruiter receiving 100+ resumes for a job advertisement and then receiving a video-resume where they can evaluate your communication, personality and motivation at once.

We are not saying, turn to instagram and tiktok to take control of your career!
In fact, you wouldn't get very far.
Instagram was created for insights into our personal lives, while Tiktoks are meant for entertainment.
Furthermore, employers aren't actively hiring on social media platforms.
And that's where Flipptap comes in: a professional next-gen network for students, professionals and founders to meet like-minded people, learn new skills and find jobs with video.
Want to get involved as a Flipptap Changemaker? Fill out our quick form and we'll reach out to you in 1-2 days.
We're currently in beta testing, and therefore an invite-only professional network. You'll have to wait until someone asks you to join or you can sign up directly for free on our website & we'll send you an invitation code when a spot opens.

That's it!

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