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Interview Question Series #1: When Have You Worked Well Under Pressure?

February 15, 2021
Interview Series

When Have You Worked Well Under Pressure?

During an Interview, employers want to know information about you that they cannot find in a resume. Giving a strong answer can show your ability to think quickly and highlight how you respond to scenarios that might be unexpected.

So how do you give a strong answer that gets you the job you want?...

We recommend using the STAR Interview Response Method. Here is an example of using the STAR Method to answer the interview questions "When have you worked well under pressure"?.

Flipptap: STAR Interview Response Method Image


In my previous job at (insert company name), a colleague in charge of a core project unexpectedly left within a very tight deadline.


Our team lead asked if there was a volunteer among us who would take on additional responsibility. I volunteered. In truth, I perform better under pressure and it's a great opportunity to stand out.


I went through the project assignment thoroughly and created an Asana board to track all my tasks, so I could ensure that I could complete the project on time and within budget.


I would be lying if I didn't say it was a challenge, but in the end it proved worthwhile, both personally and professionally. I managed to complete the project on time, on budget and on scope. My team lead was impressed by my work ethic and efforts and thanked me for my dedication and commitment to this important project.

Here is an example if you're a student:

Situation: At the end of the last semester, I had four essays due on the same day.
Task: Instead of being overwhelmed and stressed, I used my time management skills.
Action: I divided each day into three-hour work blocks and focused on these four essays. I knew I had to write and write well, so nothing else mattered.
Result: In the end, I submitted all my essays on time and got three A's and a B. When I'm under pressure, I take control, stay positive and I'll do the same as your intern.

Using the STAR technique is particularly helpful in answering behavioral and situational interview questions.

Strong and concise answers to situational and behavioral questions help recruiters learn more about you and how you deal with world-related situations, overcome challenges and integrate them into your soft skills.

Landing your dream job can be challenging, but writing down your answers, rehearsing your answers and preparing for your interview will give you better results.

Flipptap: Interview Guide Image

If you want more interview answer examples using the STAR Interview Method, download your FREE Interview Guide here!

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