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Testimonial from Mallory

January 17, 2021
Testimonial from Mallory Dean

Meet Flipptap Changemaker: Mallory Dean #womeninSTEAM

"I love how Flipptap is making job-hunting approachable and creative! With the rise of remote work, it is important now more than ever to be able to show your personality and skills online. I love that companies look for culture fit - I was interviewed in a company where they did a culture fit interview - and they asked regular icebreaker questions, so Flipptap's icebreaker is perfect. One feature I value most about Flipptap is your profile - it's familiar to my age group, I would go in and know what to do and how to move in it. I really like the icebreaker and spotlight videos." - Mallory Dean, UX Specialist

Watch Mallory's review of Flipptap:

A little bit about Mallory:

Mallory is a Digital Designer, Strategist, and Educator of all things UX and Brand Design. After graduating with degrees in Graphic and UX Design, she made it her mission to use social media to empower others to pursue their creativity and make the design community more inclusive and accessible overall.

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