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The Big Misconception About the "Resume"

January 17, 2021
Resume TIps

Here's the truth...

We spent the past five years recruiting for startups & companies and have acquired a certain amount of knowledge when it comes to resumes that stand out.

Most people have the impression that a resume is a story of their career.

So they write a 2-6-page resume of their entire career.

Here's the problem:

A resume shouldn't be the story of your career so far.

It should be an introduction to the next chapter of your career.

Let's get into it!

PRO TIP1: Consider who is reading your resume and why.

If you are looking for a job, you need to think about the size of the organization and who is likely to read your resume. For example:

1. Large companies: If it's a large organization, your resume is likely to be thrown into an ATS job tracking system, where an algorithm searches for keywords. At Flipptap, we eliminate this obstacle for job seekers and solve this problem with our web platform, designed specifically for startups and businesses to get around the keyword / ATS dilemma

2. Recruiter: Talent acquisition specialists are responsible for determining whether you are qualified to meet with the HR Manager. They want to know what you are looking for "in the next chapter" of your career.

3. Team members on the interview panel: Your resume is probably circulating among the most important team members you would work with. They want to know if you will be effective and if they would enjoy working with you.

So how do you write your resume to be effective for each key audience?

PRO TIP 2: Detail your Wins - not your responsibilities

You need to write your resume as a story about the results you're going to deliver in the job you really want.

One of the most common mistakes made when writing a resume is to list bullet points of your daily responsibilities and not mentioning any resume accomplishments relevant to the role they are applying for.

If your resume is filled with bullet points detailing your responsibilities, you have just created a new job description!

Recruiters see this all the time:

  • Meet regularly with key account managers to ensure customer satisfaction and solve problems.

How to attract a recruiter's attention:

  • Achieved 95% retention of high value accounts by launching proactive customer success campaign.

What recruiters and hiring managers want to know is how you contribute to your company, how you show initiative, how you really add value. In other words, they want to see how you have made a positive impact by fulfilling your tasks.

Competition is high and resume's are starting to look the same.

You have Jane, who works at Google, and John, who works at Facebook both as a software engineer. Everyone is starting to have the same level of skills and qualifications so you have to spend time on your resume to make it win/accomplishment driven instead of responsibility driven to stand out.

Here are some more examples:

planned events
Organized a sold-out tech event for 300 people and raised $135,000.

Responsibility-driven: produced email campaigns
produced 60-80 email campaigns with an average open rate of 40.5% and a click-through-rate of 25.7%.

PRO TIP 3: Best approach for success.

A job description is never enough to know the depth of the role. So here is what we recommend you do if you want to get your resume noticed:

1. Compare all the job descriptions that interest you and highlight common responsibilities in all areas.
2. Spend time searching for people in a similar role on LinkedIn to see what responsibilities they have taken on.
3. Now look at your resume.
4. You need to write bullet points that do not list responsibilities, but describe in detail your wins/accomplishments and impact in relation to the bullet points you have just highlighted.
5. Each position you have taken should have no more than 4 bullet points.

*Bonus: Common Questions

Do you include your address or not?

This is a sensitive one as it does cause room for discrimination. We propose to leave it out entirely and just list only your city/country.

Length of your resume

1-2 pages max!
Cut out anything that is irrelevant.
If you've had a career spanning over 10+ years, your first job doesn't need five bullet points!


When the job market collapsed last year, competition for jobs skyrocketed.

Born out of frustration, students and professionals began making resumes out of their tiktoks.

Best part?

It worked!

Think about it...

Imagine a recruiter receiving 100+ resumes for a job advertisement and then receiving a video-resume where they can evaluate your communication, personality and motivation at once.

We are not saying, turn to instagram and tiktok to take control of your career!

In fact, you wouldn't get very far.

Instagram was created for insights into our private lives, while Tiktoks are meant for entertainment.

You want to ensure that your professional and private life remain separate as we enter the world of remote-work.

And that's where Flipptap comes in: a professional next-gen network to find jobs, learn new skills and meet like-minded people with video.

Early Access Perks:

  1. 60-second icebreaker intro video: Impress employers and your network by taking on the challenge of answering 5 rapid-fire icebreaker questions. Sell yourself on video easier, faster, and for free.
  2. Add your work experience.
  3. Convert your profile into a video resume. PDF: stand out from the competition of bland resumes!

So what are you waiting for?

Flipptap is currently in beta and will launch as an invitation-only platform.

By signing up, you get exclusive access to our changemakers, industry experts and the first access to our app.

That's it!

Do you have questions related to job searching or resume writing that you'd us to answer or feedback you'd like to share?

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