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Things I wish I did More As a Pre-Medical Student

January 17, 2021

Things I wish I did More As a Pre-Medical Student


Hello my name is Maxine and today i will talk about three things i wish i had done more as a pre-medical student.

Number one:

I wish I had done more non-clinical volunteering, such as volunteering in a homeless shelter or something more relevant today delivering groceries to covert vulnerable groups, because it shows that you actually care about people outside of a medical clinical environment, and that it is also a potentially makes your application more unique.

Number two:

i wish I surrounded myself with more pre-med friends who have friends who have the same goals and motivations as me. It will make you try even harder and will also make studying much more fun.

Number three:

i wish I stopped comparing myself to others, what I would advise you instead to focus solely on you, what you could do to make yourself a better candidate, what can you do to become the best self you can be instead of saying, oh, what can I do to be more similar.

So I hope that helped and stay tuned for more tips.

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