Stories are generic.
A career lifestyle in TECH is specific.

Social change has given your HR team a new way to hire talent in the startup community. Go past "stories" and look at candidates "living resumes". No need for connection requests or cold emails. Book your free, personalized trial today and get 50% off your first year by joining our Beta Client Team.

What is it?

Flipptap's Mobile App is a career lifestyle app for Millennials & Gen-Zs in TECH and startups that helps you to connect, work and create in a personal, spontaneous and effective way.

Flipptap's Web App is your HR team's personal talent search solution. Save money on head-hunting agencies by bringing your hiring in-house and engage more personally, connect faster, hire faster.

We've redesigned the job description to meet the demands of the modern social world. No need for manual cold-emails and attaching JDs, Flipptap automates the recruitment process and gives your company a fresh perspective to attract top talent.

Why recruiting on talent on Flipptap is better?

We've been there before - talent looks great on paper, you do your video interview and then you realise the personality, technical ability or communication style of the candidate doesn't fit your team culture.

Using a different design approach, we combine text with short videos to give your HR team a complete picture of a candidate's history.

See how candidates "skills have improved from the first application to the present day.

Anyone can write bullet holes in their CV. Flipptap shows your HR team in short videos how candidates keep up with technology, interests and performance.

Get 50% off your first year by joining our Beta Client Team before we officially launch.

We want to make sure that we develop the best product that is easy to use for your recruitment
team and meets your company's recruitment goals.
In return for your feedback, insights and
joining our beta client program before we launch, we'll give you a 50% discount on your first year.


Get 50% by joining our Beta-Client Team before we launch. Book Your Personal Web-Demo Today.

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